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Each therapy session lasts about 55 minutes, and the standard practice is for us to meet at the same time every week. If you're in crisis, we can meet twice a week or more. If you're facing significant time-based or financial limitations, we can meet every other week.

Depending on your needs and level of motivation, our work may be focused on a specific problem or it may be more expansive, touching on a variety of your personal concerns. At times, psychotherapy can take unexpected turns, especially as new insights are discovered and self-awareness is enhanced.

In our sessions, I'll encourage you to pay close attention to the messages you give yourself on a regular basis. I believe that your internal dialogue can profoundly shape the quality of your life, and I'll assist you with cultivating more kindness, acceptance and compassion towards your inner self.

Sometimes, our work together may only require a few sessions. Other times, it may take a while for you to resolve your initial problems and reach the emotional fulfillment you desire. As such, we'll stay mindful of your progress along the way, so that when you feel we have reached the full benefit of our time together, we can warmly conclude.